We are a multinational family of God, Jews and non-Jews, who wait daily for the coming of the Messiah...the second time.


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We are LIVE every Saturday on the Radio!
You can listen to our morning service every Saturday at 11am on Russian Radio 7, and on our website. You can also watch live video streams at the same time in our live video section

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Our congregation has many different ministries
- Worship Ministry and Preaching
- Festival Ministry
- Children's Ministry

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Our Mission

1. To teach and inspire  people to have a personal relationship with the Creator of the world, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  We want people to learn the Jewish roots of their faith.

2. Exalt Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel, through the Good news (Besorah), through the teachings of the Torah, Shabbat classes, the Feasts of the Adonai, worship, charity and exc.  


Хаг Ханука Самеах! Радостной и светлой Хануки!

Written by Israel. Posted in Blog

Хаг Ханука Самеах! Радостной и светлой Хануки!

Поздравляем всю нашу Общину и всех друзей с праздником Света!!! Пусть СВЕТ МАШИАХА заполнит каждый уголок вашей души и все сферы вашей жизни!.
" В Его Свете мы видим Свет"....(Тигилим)

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We are located in Vancouver, Washington

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